Candace has won first place awards for consumer affairs, arts & entertainment, and sports reporting from SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists). Her stories appear in numerous anthologies, including the popular Travelers' Tales A Woman's Passion for Travel and Solo: On Her Own Adventure (Seal Press). Candace's story "Alone Again" was chosen for Gifts of the Wild (Seal Press), a "Best of the Best" collection of stories from Seal Press's travel anthologies.  She holds a master's degree in journalism from the University of Oregon, where she was a Graduate Teaching Fellow.

Candace is the author of MURDER IN ITALY (Penguin/Berkley Books), the true story of Amanda Knox, the University of Washington student convicted of killing her British roommate. Candace has reported on the Meredith Kercher/Amanda Knox murder case for CNN Headline News, KOMO TV, Italian television, the British documentary, "The Trials of Amanda Knox."  Her book grew out of her true crime blog, which has been featured on CNN Anderson Cooper 360,, Martha Stewart Radio and Corriere della Sera. says of Candace's writing in Travelers' Tales: A Woman's Passion for Travel: 
"The writers — including Frances Mayes, Anne Lamott, Pam Houston, Jo Ann Beard, Candace Dempsey and Ann Jones — travel with such evocative attentiveness that the reader is brought along every vivid step of the way — to a peaceful Spanish church, a Laotian boat, a Tunisian desert, and to a 'field of wildflowers . . . like colored marbles in Umbria.'"

Candace is also the former producer of MSN UnderWire, which the New York Times praised for "serious sisterhood" and Newsweek called fun, nicely written, cheeky.

Candace belongs to the Society of Professional Journalists, Sisters in Crime, The Author's Guild, Pacific Northwest Writers' Association, Jaws, Women in Digital, writergrrls, the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association and Microsoft Alumni.